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William Shakespeare, April 23 April 23, 2010

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mehitabel watching archy type

Today is April 23, the day Shakespeare died in 1616 and the day he was probably born in 1564 (he was baptized on April 26).

The following poem is by Don Marquis, writing in the guise of archy, a cockroach who communicated with Marquis by leaping from typewriter key to typewriter key — so of course he could type no capital letters. (I have no idea why archy couldn’t use the apostrophe, a lower-case character.)

I don’t know what “jacosity” means; I imagine that archy was going for “jocosity,” or being given making jokes.

archy confesses

coarse jacosity
catches the crowd
shakespeare and i
are often low browed

the fish wife curse
and the laugh of the horse
shakespeare and i
are frequently coarse

aesthetic excuses
in bill s behalf
are adduced to refine
big bill s coarse laugh

but bill he would chuckle
to hear such guff
he pulled rough stuff
and he liked rough stuff

hoping you are the same