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Go (Bleep) Yourself April 28, 2010

Posted by Mary W. Matthews in Politics.

(Warning: F-bombs ahead.)

Having whipped up the general public’s anger with lies, smears, distortions, and Bush-wah, the Greedy Oil Plutocrats are now blaming the anger on “the Democrat Party.” (In my opinion, anyone who deliberately chooses grammatical error, knowing better, ought to be ostracized as too anti-intellectual to be in the public arena — but that’s a different rant.)

As usual, the Democrats have done a poor job of pointing out the truth: the Great Recession is a direct result of Republican policies over the last 30 years, and especially 2001-08. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney used the U.S. Constitution as toilet paper. The GOP has spent 30 years harping on their dogma that all government is incompetent, corrupt, and evil; when they are in power, they assiduously work to prove themselves right, and now that they are out of power, they are blaming the consequences of their policies on Democrats.

And as Jon Stewart has pointed out, when you’re dealing with irrational anger, facts don’t work anyway. Blaming bad conditions today on either Obama or the Democratic Party is like blaming elephant dung on the guy with the shovel. And I do mean elephant dung.

It would be crazy to try to fight rage, invective, lies, and smears with more and yet more rage, invective, lies, and smears. But it’s possible that Jon has already come up with the best answer: Mockery.

Here is my fantasy — what would happen in the Best of All Possible Worlds: At every “tea party” rally and at every big, public GOP event, at a place close to the event but in no sense trespassing in any way, a huge crowd of sane progressives would gather and sing Jon’s new classic, “Go Fuck Yourself.”

I hope the clip will appear near here . . . No, alas, I haven’t figured out yet how to do it. Here is the Huffington Post page that DOES have the clip embedded.

I envision an event where ten to twenty organizers would have “verses” to sing or intone around the refrain “Go fuck yourself.” For example, “You got a tax CUT, and now you’re complaining that it was a tax hike.” (“Go fuck yourself now, go fuck yourself.”) “Bush spied on Americans and ended habeas corpus, and now you’re complaining that the government is ‘socialist totalitarianism.’ ” (“Go fuck yourself now, go fuck yourself.”) “You say that the government has turned fascist, but YOU turned Arizona into Gestapoland.” (“Go fuck yourself now, go fuck yourself.”)

In my fantasy, network news cameras will cover the mockery in detail, completely upstaging the lies that are being told and the sedition that is being urged nearby. In my fantasy, the outrage foamed by Faux News “pundits” and hate radio would merely result in “Go Fuck Yourself” becoming the National Anthem of the Sane.

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