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Funny Old Print Ads June 25, 2010

Posted by Mary W. Matthews in Uncategorized.

In the “times HAVE changed” department, some genuine old display ads that made me laugh out loud.

Notice that correct grammar would say "easily. . ."

It's too coy to say so, but this is an ad for condoms — which, in the
ad's era, were usually called "French letters."

Lard, for those of you who are too young to remember it, is pig fat, either rendered (purified) or not. Think of it as high-cholesterol Crisco.

Oh, absolutely! Colas are SO good for babies! The fine print of the ad
tells us that if you start feeding your baby colas now, she'll have a much
better chance of "gaining acceptance" and "fitting in" during those
awkward childhood and teen years.

Lose weight by deliberately swallowing a tapeworm!

Yes, children, this ad is actually recommending tapeworms for weight loss.

Incredibly, this ad is actually urging women to douche with Lysol!

In 1965, the National Geographic Society actually installed a picture-phone setup like the one in this ad between its Washington, DC headquarters and its Chicago printing plant. While it was way too expensive to allow a small child to talk on it, I DID have the opportunity to see on a monitor what I would have looked like to the VIPs in Chicago!

"The year’s most exciting fashion news! Real Hawaiian Muu Muu!" This ad
dates from approximately the year of President Obama’s birth. Why
ever did the muu muu fall out of high fashion? In the president’s honor,
let’s bring back the muu muu!

You may not have seen ads like this yourself, but it's all of a piece with the "doctors smoking" scene in Invasion of the Body Snatchers and similar movies.

Yes, you too can attract the love of a good woman
by blowing smoke in her face. . . .

Back in the olden days, when "The Flintstones" sang "We'll have a gay old time," they meant "happy." A "faggot" was a stick of wood, and a "fag" was a cigarette.

Yes, children, you too should smoke cigarettes, just like Santa!

Still haven’t had enough? Follow this link for More Funny Old Print Ads.



1. Karan Pitts - May 28, 2011

These are incredibly bad and we were appalled reading them!!!!

2. More Funny Old Print Ads « Half Wisdom, Half Wit - July 9, 2011

[…] is a second look at some funny old print advertisements, most of them from the early 20th century. (Click here for my first set of funny ads. Funniest of all was the self-righteous visitor who was outraged at ME for their content!) Guns make […]

3. love2readalot - August 30, 2012

Never too early to start your tot on caffeine? Because everyone adores a hyperactive toddler? Yikes!

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