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The Ultimate Drawbridge July 4, 2010

Posted by Mary W. Matthews in Uncategorized.

These photos are too good NOT to share! There’s a historic drawbridge in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Liteny Bridge. It’s a bascule bridge, a kind of drawbridge where one part goes down as the other side rises (“bascule” is French for “seesaw”).

On June 14, 2010 (Che Guevara’s birthday), forty artists, working together so swiftly the job was done in “23 seconds flat,” painted an image on the drawbridge. An hour or two later, the city sent two firefighter brigades to remove the image from the bridge, so the image you see below is one of the few photos proving the incident actually happened.

This drawbridge is directly across from the FSB offices, today's version of the KGB.

The group of artists behind the prank calls itself Voina, the Russian for “war.” Voina has been known for its X-rated pranks for the sake of political dissent: anti-Medvedev orgies, anti-homophobic faux-lynchings, throwing stray cats into swanky restaurants, and similar pranks. Their protests are directed at exposing the corruption of the Russian government, and the drawbridge was intended to annoy the Federal Security Service, known as the FSB, the modern incarnation of the KGB.

The president of Voina, who goes by “Bucket Man,” was the only member of Voina who was caught. Bucket Man was roughed up by soldiers who had been guarding the bridge (don’t ask me why, the article didn’t say, but hey, it’s Russia) and jailed for a to-me-unknown length of time. Only after Bucket Man was released did Voina issue their “hilarious, culturally untranslatable” statement as to why they had performed their prank; it appears to have been meant as a literal “f*ck you” to the FSB (KGB). I hope it was worth it to them; I know it was sure worth it for me!

The “Giant Galactic Space Dick” was 213 feet tall, 89 feet wide, and best seen when the bridge was fully open, at 67 degrees from the horizontal. Other photos are available at BroBible.com.

Lovers couldn't resist posing with the bridge.

Source: Why Russian Art Group Voina “Dicked” the Bridge



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