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The Republicans Hate Your Freedom August 26, 2010

Posted by Mary W. Matthews in Politics.

Another day, another load of Bushwah. This week it’s the “Ground Zero mosque,” which won’t even be within sight of Ground Zero and which IS planned by those behind it to be a community center — NOT a mosque — that will be even more innocuous than a YMCA. Yesterday it was a load of falsehoods about Shirley Sherrod, Van Jones, and/or ACORN. In a day or two it will be Glenn Beck standing at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial telling his loyal True Believers that Abraham Lincoln had nothing against slavery; Lincoln’s dream, just like that of Martin Luther King, Jr., was tax cuts for wealthy Republicans and oligarchy for all — no, make that oliGOParchy.

Oh, and “doctor” Laura Schlessinger, that eminent physiologist (a subcategory of biology), is a victim of successful attempts to deprive her of her right to free speech because both listeners and advertisers objected to her interrupting her African-American caller 11 times to demean the caller. (Not to mention dropping the N-bomb 11 times.) This woman is frakking R-worded.

What’s clear is that the phrase “liberty and justice for all” has become meaningless both to the Greedy Oil Plutocrats and their tools (in all senses of the word) the Tea Bigots. Lies, smears, racism, intolerance, and naked hatred are the order of the day, the month, the year — make that, post-Dubya life in the United States.

— Republicans want to repeal the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, on the ludicrous grounds that certain brown-skinned women immigrate illegally in order to “drop” their “terror babies” like foals, so that 20 years later legitimately American citizens will practice terrorism with legitimate American passports. Like Timothy McVeigh, for example, or the white, male, Republican Tea Bigot who protested what he considered over-taxation by flying one of the airplanes he OWNED into a public building containing an IRS office. (If I promise to fly it into a public building some day, would the Replutocrats please give ME my own airplane?)

— Republicans want to repeal the 17th Amendment to the Constitution, returning to U.S. senators being appointed (by Republican governors, of course) rather than elected. After all, it worked so well for Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich and Florida senator Ed LeMieux! This is a favorite dream of the Tea Bigots, but some otherwise apparently sane Replutocrat politicians are on board too.

— Republicans want to repeal Congress’s power to provide for the common defense and general welfare, on the grounds that Republican private contractors ought to be doing such jobs, to the enrichment of the top 1 percent of Replutocrats. Education? Interstate highways? Social Security? Medicare? Containment of soaring health-care costs? Public libraries? Your freedom to vote for whom you choose based on criteria other than televised half-truths, smears, and outright lies? Buh-bye. . . .

— Republicans want to eliminate all taxation of Republicans, or at least all taxation of Republicans who make more than $40,000 a year. So what if millions of jobless starve and die if the top 1 percent gets to keep their $700 billion per year?

— Republicans want to repeal Congress’s power to regulate any part of the economy beyond interstate commerce, on the grounds that nothing about the United States has changed since 1789.

— Republicans want to create permanent classes of subhumans, including gays, women, and people of color. The stringent and airtight decision of a Republican judge on Constitutional grounds is being portrayed as liberal judicial activism, biased in favor of gays by a gay (an irrelevant charge that is probably false and certainly no one’s business), the deliberate attempt to overthrow “the will of the people” — the will of the people to create a permanent class of subhumans, that is.

Many of these Republican attempts to repeal the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution are grounded in theocracy. Women must not be allowed to control their own bodies and make their own health decisions because “human life” begins at ejaculation, and the rights of a blob of protoplasm too small to be seen outweigh its mother’s rights as an adult and a voter. Gays must be deprived of their right to enter into civil contracts and have those contracts recognized by society as a whole because six verses of the Bible (out of 31,130) can be misinterpreted as condemning male homosexuality. The Bible contains hundreds of verses that take human slavery as a given or that condone it outright (e.g., Leviticus 25:44). If the theocrats have their way in depriving women and gays of their rights, can repealing women’s right to vote and reinstituting the slave trade be far behind?

President Obama has actually taught constitutional law to future lawyers at the University of Chicago Law School, which Wikipedia calls “among the most highly ranked and selective law schools in the world.” According to Fox News, Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin (each of whom barely managed to persuade diploma mills to sell them their B.A.s) have far more expertise in constitutional law than the president does. After all, both Michelle and Sarah have managed to read a good-sized chunk of the Constitution before their lips got too tired from struggling over evil terms like “liberty” and “common welfare.”



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