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Jeb Bush for President in 2012? February 13, 2011

Posted by Mary W. Matthews in Politics.

Our local newspaper, the St. Petersburg Times, carried long articles both on February 11 AND on February 13, about how dearly Republicans adore Jeb Bush and how much they long for Jeb to run for president in 2012, despite his protestations that he is SO not interested.

The GOP who adore anyone named “Bush” must be high. Poppy Bush, POTUS number 41, helped Reagan (#40) triple the national debt 1981-1992, while Dubya (#43) merely doubled the national debt. Carter, Clinton, and now Obama worked hard to reduce the national debt. GOP presidents exclusively took the national debt from $1.973 trillion in 1980 (in 2009 dollars) to $12.311 at the end of 2009, the last year a Bush budget was in effect.

Let’s be clear here: In their worship of trickle-down economics, which is the GOP euphemism for the golden shower it has “rained” upon the nation, the GOP more than sextupled the national debt. And now Fox News and hate radio spend hours every day blaming President Obama and all Democrats for the results of the GOP’s evisceration of the economy.

The national debt is higher today than it was on the last day of a Bush budget only because the United States is still trying to pay down enormous, debilitating debts run up only by Dubya and the GOP in the face of a dramatically lower government income — dramatically lower thanks exclusively to Dubya and the GOP.

While Republicans hold the reins of power, their mantra is “Deficits don’t matter.” When Democrats are trying to clean up the GOP’s mess, well, surprise surprise, you get John Boehner saying, “Endless borrowing isn’t a strategy.” (Hey, John, why didn’t you say that 1981-92 and 2001-08?) Naturally, the GOP’s idea of cleaning up their own mess involves inflicting suffering only on the lower classes (unions, the jobless, the working poor, Democrats, etc.), never on their oliGOParchic selves. The GOP’s mantra “It’s your money” is a lie. It’s all the GOP’s money — or it will be once they’ve won their “class warfare” and the only two classes are the GOP have-mores and the poor.

This image presents in a nutshell my feelings about a possible Jeb Bush candidacy for president:

Jeb Bush did enough ruining the economy of the state of Florida. (Today Gov. Voldemort wants desperately to make Bush’s ruin look like a golden age of prosperity in comparison, but that’s another rant.) Let Jeb alone in his peaceful retirement. If the GOP runs Jeb for president, Floridians like me will be anxious to share with the nation the true stories of the immense damage Jeb did. Others who despise what Jeb’s younger, stupider brother did to the nation will be anxious to chant “Bush 41! Bush 43! Bush 45??? Never, never, NEVER AGAIN!” right up through election day.



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