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Boys Who Grew Up to be President February 14, 2011

Posted by Mary W. Matthews in Politics, Popular Culture.

A friend of mine just sent me an e-mail with some photos in it that are just too cool not to share. In fact, I was so inspired with the 10 images of presidents of the United States as boys that I went trolling on the Internet, and found photos dating all the way back to 1859 (Chester A. Arthur at about 30).

Here are the (relatively) recent presidents of the United States as boys or teenagers, or in a few early cases, “boys” of about 30. . . .

Barack Obama, Age 11 (approx.)

Grandfather Stanley Dunham, mother Stanley Ann Dunham, half-sister Maya Soetoro-Ng, and Barack Obama, in a photo taken early in the 1970s, when the boy was around 11 years old

George Walker Bush, Age 9

Left to right, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush at age 9, and Barbara Bush; 1955

Bill Clinton, Age 5

Bill Clinton at age 5 in 1952

George Herbert Walker Bush, Age 5

Mercy Bush and her 5-year-old brother
George H.W. in 1929

Jimmy Carter, Age 12 or 13

Jimmy Carter, born October 1, 1924, poses with his dog Bozo in 1937

Gerald Ford, Age 6 or 7

Gerald Ford, born in 1913, at age 6 or 7; the baby is probably Ford's half-brother Thomas G. Ford

Richard Nixon, Age 5 or so

Richard M. Nixon was born in 1913; this photo was probably taken around 1918

Lyndon B. Johnson, Age 1 or so

Lyndon Johnson was born on August 27, 1908, so this photo was probably taken in 1909

John F. Kennedy Age 10 or so

John F. Kennedy was born May 29, 1917, so this photo would have been taken around 1927-29

Dwight D. Eisenhower, Age 17 or 18

Captioned "David Dwight Eisenhower," this high school yearbook photo (shown at five times the size I obtained it) was probably taken in 1907, when DDE was 17

Harry S. Truman, Age 1 or less

Harry S Truman was born May 8, 1884, so this photo was probably taken late in 1884 or early in 1885

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Age 3 to 5

Franklin D. Roosevelt was born January 30, 1882, so this photo may have been taken around 1885-87

Herbert S Hoover, Age 3 or so

Herbert Hoover was born August 10, 1874; this photo was taken around 1877

Calvin Coolidge, Age 7

Calvin Coolidge, born July 4, 1872, at age 7

Warren G. Harding, Age 7 or so

Warren G. Harding was born November 2, 1865;
shown here with two of his sisters, he was probably
6 to 8 years old

Woodrow Wilson, Age 29

Woodrow Wilson was born December 28, 1865; this photo was taken on August 25, 1895, when Wilson was 29. It's the earliest photo of him I've been able to find.

William Howard Taft, Age 20

William Howard Taft was born September 15, 1857, making him 20 or 21 in this Yale University yearbook photo

Teddy Roosevelt, Age 11

Teddy Roosevelt, born October 27, 1858, at age 11

William F. McKinley, Age 19

William F. McKinley was born January 29, 1843; this drawing, made in 1862, is the earliest image I've been able to find

Chester A. Arthur

Chester A. Arthur was born October 5, 1829, making him 29 or 30 in this photo

Photography was invented early in the 1800s, but daguerrotypes and other early photos did not become popular even among the well-to-do until the middle of the century. I have searched for earlier photos than the 1859 image of Chester A. Arthur (looking considerably slimmer than he did as president!), but I doubt I will find any.



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