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Rick Scott for Looting of Florida February 26, 2011

Posted by Mary W. Matthews in Humor, Politics.

Weeks into the reign of terror he purchased by using millions of dollars’ worth of his own and Citizens United lies and smears to delude Tea Puppet dupes into voting against the advice of every single major newspaper in Florida, Rick Scott has already spurned the 21st century, put Florida’s environment in the hands of a developer crony, taken a tentative step toward demolishing the educational system, announced that Florida will not be complying with the Affordable Care Law, and eviscerated Florida’s budget so that he can hand a juicy tax cut to the wealthiest 2 percent of the state’s oliGOParchy.

Apart from his overt policy of cutting off the noses of Florida’s jobless, elderly, uneducated, sick, and non-wealthy to spite Obama’s face, Scott refuses to believe the truth, preferring to put his trust in a Tea Puppet fantasy more pleasing to the oliGOParchy than any facts. Below is the TRUE reason Rick Scott opposes high-speed rail in Florida even when there isn’t the slightest chance the project will do anything but create thousands of much-needed jobs:

He's afraid of meeting
Harry Potter on the train!




1. Newsbusters: ‘Power’ More Important Than ‘Purity’ in Complying With Law, Ed Schultz Tells AWOL Wisc. State Senator | Katy Pundit - February 26, 2011

[…] […]

2. David Macadam - April 11, 2011

Hi! Love the blog and think the one on Lord Voldermort is brill. I do a blog on American Politics and hope you dont mind but have popped the picture as an illustration. Of course I have credited your excellent blog as source.


3. woody s. - April 12, 2011

Mother Mary, this is a gem too. I love your “take no prisoners” directness. Keep it up.

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