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Koch Brothers Products to Avoid March 11, 2011

Posted by Mary W. Matthews in Uncategorized.

The cheerful news is that Alter.Net says Wisconsin firefighters managed to shut down the bank that was one of Scott Walker’s largest sources of funding. (And a bank, incidentally, that funded Walker to show its gratitude for the $1.7 billion it got in TARP bailout money.)

But then I saw this graphic, and now I’m bummed out:

My husband and I used to like many of these products. Now we have to find others. Damn and blast! — but I WILL NOT, not ever again, spend one dime that might end up as profit to the Koch brothers.

Treehugger (a Discovery company) has a complete list of of products to boycott because they profit the Koch oliGOParchy; click here to get started. It’s exhaustive; it’s exhausting. I don’t care. There isn’t much that you and I, the “little people,” can do to fight back against the GOP’s kleptocracy, the oliGOParchy, but this we CAN do. Little drops of water. . . .



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