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Always Put the Paint into the Trunk! April 16, 2011

Posted by Mary W. Matthews in Humor.

A Texan friend forwarded these four photos to me in an e-mail. He had two comments, beginning with “The people in the blue car had a 25-litre (~5 gal) bucket of paint on the back seat.” My Texan friend is highly educated and intelligent, but I’ve never seen him use “litre” before; plus, all the cars in this accident have right-hand drive. The first photo shows that the accident happened somewhere between Queensburgh and New Germany, which turn out to be two small towns in KwaZulu Natal Province on the east coast of South Africa. Google Maps tells me the accident probably happened in Farmingham Ridge or Moseley Park, five to ten miles west of Durban, a busy port.

Notice the bucket of paint on the far right of the photo.

There’s the same, CLOSED bucket of paint, next to a gallon jug. The blue car has the vanity plate “ISIDNGO,” in case you’re obsessed enough to want to try to track down its driver.

Notice the open bucket of paint just to the left of the driver’s seat.

My friend’s e-mail concluded with a note that the male ambulance driver wouldn’t allow the female paramedic to leave the ambulance, because she couldn’t stop laughing; he said it wasn’t professional.



1. Zigarlo - February 26, 2012

The driver wasn’t laughing, he was overcome with emulsion

Mary W. Matthews - February 26, 2012

ROTFLMAO! — Dang, you smart!

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