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Make 4/20 “Punk a Birther” Day! April 19, 2011

Posted by Mary W. Matthews in Humor, Politics.

April 20 as a day has many detriments, including being the anniversary of the BP oil disaster, of the Columbine high school massacre, and of Adolf Hitler’s birth. (On the “good news” side of the ledger, April 20 IS the birthday of George Takei.)

But then again, it’s 4/20. As in “420.” So to liven the day up a little, I suggest that people who have sense enough to pour piss out of a boot celebrate April 20 as “Punk a Birther” Day.

Here is my contribution to the festivities. Which is to say, some genius other than myself created this birth certificate for President Obama. My suggestion is that YOU “swipe” it too (right-click on it and then choose “Save Image As”), and then use it as you see fit to help some birther of your acquaintance make an even bigger fool of himself than he already is:

I especially love the fake birth certificate’s notation that Obama was born at “666 Harryhausen Drive,” a “fact” certified by registrar “Robert A. Heinlein.” Not to mention the fake’s serenely birtherish failure to notice that according to the U.S. Constitution, the son of a U.S. citizen is a U.S. citizen, no matter where he was born. John McCain, for example, is considered a U.S. citizen even though he was born in Panama.

No one has ever disputed the fact that respected anthropologist Dr. Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro, Obama’s mother, was a U.S. citizen; no one has ever claimed that our president was a Caesarian section, and therefore NOT “natural born.” But no matter how many facts pile up against them, no matter how many times sane people point out that if Obama were unqualified to be president, Hilary Clinton would be president today — still the birthers insist that Stanley Ann never existed. . . .



1. Craig Wagner - April 19, 2011

NO ONE can authoritatively “show” their birth certificate. There is, OF NECESSITY, a HUGE gap in the Chain of Custody if one receives a “birth certificate” from the person whose birth it reportedly certifies (my mother finally gave me what she *claims* is my original “birth certificate after I turned 50, but I have no way of *knowing* if she’s being truthful about it). The ONLY reliable (to the extent that there’s not an ABSURDLY HUGE CONSPIRACY behind it) source of a birth certificate is FROM THE LOCAL GOVERNMENTAL JURISDICTION in which the baby was born. Nothing else is reliable, and would require going back to the local governmental jurisdiction for confirmation anyway. AND THEY’VE ALREADY CONFIRMED IT!

(and: he’s *not* “spent millions on this legal issue”: he’s spent just short of $2 million on a number of legal issues required to shut down his 2000 campaign, but this is a very small part of that)

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