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More Funny Old Print Ads July 9, 2011

Posted by Mary W. Matthews in Humor.

Here is a second look at some funny old print advertisements, most of them from the early 20th century. (Click here for my first set of funny ads. Funniest of all was the self-righteous visitor who was outraged at ME for their content!)

Guns make the perfect gift, especially for yourself!

Racism is still alive and well today, but at least it's not QUITE as overt.... (In
Cream of Wheat's defense, we should note that the first vitamins weren't discovered until the 1910s; lots of people of every race didn't know what them things were.)

Ah, beer. SO good for babies and nursing mothers!

And remember, always choose a beer can that's easy to open with a church key. (Pop-tops? No one had yet thought up no stinkin' pop-tops!)

Remember, most of the drugs that are illegal today were made illegal so that Harry Anslinger and other survivors of Prohibition could still have jobs....

At some point in the last hundred years, Lane Bryant switched from serving
chubby girls to women of, um, substance....

One side benefit of watching lots of TV they hadn't thought of back in the 1950s:
The more you watch, the fatter you tend to become.

As recently as the 1960s, the theme song to "The Flintstones" included the lyric
"We'll have a gay old time," meaning merry, happy, lighthearted. HOW I miss
what I still consider the word's genuine meaning!

The following ads are deeply misogynist, and for that reason alone I thought about omitting them. Stop reading now if, like the visitor I mentioned above, you prefer to shoot the messenger. . . .

Ladies, if your husband gives you a vacuum cleaner for Christmas that you didn't specifically ask for, give HIM a douchebag for Valentine's Day. Tell him it's a mirror.

As recently as the 1960s, the Mickey Mouse Club taught little girls songs that included lyrics like, "You never will be beautiful beside a dirty sink."

To which YOU reply, "THIS wife does everything but f**k.
That's what your hand is for."

Remember, house slaves are judged on their own appearance,
not on the quality of their work.

Forget PMS, cramps, headache, bloating — only men are important.

And after you blow tobacco smoke in my face,
I really enjoy being splashed with acid....



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2. woody - July 11, 2011

Fortunately, those days are mostly over. Except in the deep south. I’ve had lots of female students with hubbies with expectations like most of the ads. Including thinking a new Hoover for christmas would be a good choice.

3. raleigh micca - November 30, 2011

I so enjoyed reading all of these!! Hilarious and I can’t believe they are actually real. I love the times we live in now, even though our ads may seem insane to generations to come.

4. jjajfopsifj - February 6, 2012


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