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Tea Party Campaign Song for 2012 September 21, 2011

Posted by Mary W. Matthews in Politics.

Back in the 1960s, folk singer Pete Seeger wrote a classic Viet Nam protest song called “Bring ’Em Home.” Here’s a sample verse:

If you love your Uncle Sam,
Bring them home, bring them home.
Support our boys in Vietnam:
Bring them home, bring them home.

You can read all the lyrics here. For a somewhat pathetic 30 seconds of Pete himself performing, I think around 2007 or so, here is the YouTube clip.

Now that you know “Bring ’Em Home,” use Pete Seeger’s tune, but sing these lyrics:

Let ’Em Die

If her cancer’s hard to cure,
let her die, let her die.
If your grampa’s not insured,
let him die, let him die.

If a flood took out their town,
let ’em die, let ’em die.
If a bridge is crumbling down,
let ’em die, let ’em die.

If your workers are not white,
let ’em die, let ’em die,
And their children are too bright,
let ’em die, let ’em die.

If your summer was too hot,
let ’em die, let ’em die.
Global warming is Dem plot.
Let ’em die, let ’em die.

We won’t pay our legal debts,
Dems should die, Dems should die.
Jobless? Euthanize your pets.
Let ’em die, let ’em die.

Those who do not love the rich,
let ’em die, let ’em die.
We will make them Norquist’s bitch.
Let ’em die, let ’em die.

If your taxes are unfair,
let ’em die, let ’em die.
Stay out of the have-mores’ hair.
Poor should die, let ’em die.

I welcome YOUR contributions. Add your verse in the comments section, and if I like it well enough, I’ll promote it. (If, on the other hand, you’ve drunk the Kool-Aid and are a hard-core Tea Puppet who will “comment” only with partisan vilification, forget it. I’ll just delete you.)



1. woody - September 21, 2011

I love it. I am sad when Pete goes “back”. I have old albums and on them you can feel the fire. I’ll take a stab at a verse or two, but in the mean time may I reprint this in my blog? Woody.

2. Mary W. Matthews - September 22, 2011

By all means, reprint it in your blog. And feel free to improve it to your own taste!

3. woody - September 23, 2011
Mary W. Matthews - September 23, 2011

I’ve tried to subscribe to YOUR blog, but I’m so incompetent I’m not sure I succeeded. I’ve just spent a VERY pleasant hour with you, and Woody’s World is now in my “Daily” bookmarks folder.

I have one question I’d love to explore with you. You wrote, “To question the resurrection does question the entire reason for Christianity in the first place.” While I agree that Paul of Tarsus made the resurrection the entire reason for Christianity (the human Yeshua bar Maryam thought he was leading a revival within Judaism), I always thought that the TEACHINGS of Yeshua bar Maryam played some small part in “the entire reason for Christianity.”

I don’t want to just put my “real” e-mail address out there for the spambots, but I’m MWM4444 on Twitter, and also at gmail.com. I’d love to have an e-mail friendship with you!

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