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About Mary

I’m a freelance theologian, by which I mean that my interest is the philosophy of religion overall, rather than defending any one religion’s dogma in particular. What of God’s nature can humanity discern? Why are we here? What does God want from us? What, if anything, happens to us after we die? (Hint: Hell is an invention of the Middle Ages.) You can read more about my philosophy in my first, introductory blog post.

I’ve been an editor and writer my entire adult life. I am interested in publications design, humor (especially the political humor of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert), and science fiction. And I love Twitter and Facebook, and tweet often. I hold a degree from the Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC, and could be ordained if any faith community were insane enough to want me.

If you’re a True Believer of any one religion, including Bush League neoconservativism, I am bound to annoy you. If your mind is open, even if just a teensy bit ajar, come along on the journey with me!


1. Sandy - April 16, 2010

I enjoy your tweets and have been following you for a while now – and retweeting as well. Keep up the good work.

2. passionatereason - April 17, 2010

I’m a True believer in all that is True. Does that mean I’m a ‘freelance theologian? I don’t think so.

I have used pure Reason, to understand Truth, and it is our common Reality.

At one time I annoyed people also, but I an attempting a different method to get people to understand…

my wordpress blog: passionatereason.wordpress.com

If people can’t understand the words, they need only follow the links.
If you understand the words, maybe you could help me get some more activity at my blog.

Best regards,

mothermary44 - April 17, 2010

Dear world: Passionate Reason appears to be a new or newish blog, and Dan seems passionately devoted to discovering the Truth.

3. vamanan81 - April 17, 2010

Your posting on the Catholic church sounds like a whiplash. Very convincingly argued indeed. Thanks

4. sexlovemeaning - April 17, 2010

Hello Mary, I am very happy to have bumped into your blog – a great combination writer-theologian- woman, still somewhat rare. I am in the midst of Richard Tarnass’ essays about the Christian Worldview in ‘Passion Of The Western Mind” in order to study, how this has shaped particularly women. Looking forward to more of your posts – my own blog is about the relationship between sexuality and spirituality/ religion – sexlovemeaning.wordpress.com, and the Catholic Church has been very much on my mind with that. There is a lot to explore in all of this. I will link to your post! Regards!

5. Bob - April 23, 2010

Let it be :))

mothermary44 - April 24, 2010

I LOVE smart readers! That is exactly the association I want in people’s minds.

6. Anne - April 29, 2010

It’s great to read your blogs! I’m often blue in the face trying to reason with ultra-conservative fundamentalist christian family and friends about politics and religion, and about some of the questions you ask. Of course, I’ve been labeled a backslider and heathen and atheist because of that….! 🙂 I refuse to go to church, and question Everything. In my humble opinion, I believe that God means for us to explore and learn and grow and evolve, and make the Best of what we’re dealt with.

mothermary44 - April 29, 2010

I believe you are much closer to being correct than your ultra-conservative fundamentalist family. As you have learned the hard way, it is impossible to reason with conservatives on a matter of faith; their most fundamental article of faith is that anyone who disagrees with them is by definition both wrong and evil. . . . I believe that 1 John 4:8 is correct when it says that “God is love,” and I believe that the whole heaven and hell dichotomy makes a mockery of this verse. People focus on the “carrot” of heaven and the “stick” of hell and turn God into a cosmic vending machine (to mix a metaphor).

Yes, God DOES mean us to explore and learn and grow and evolve — evolve toward Love, toward loving God with all your heart and soul and mind and strength and loving the rest of God’s creation as much as you love yourself. I believe that nasty names like “backslider,” “heathen,” and “atheist” are not loving, kind, honest, or useful. And what’s most tedious is, if you resort to name-calling yourself, you sink to their level!

7. Doyle - March 12, 2011

Have you been seeing any of the current History Channel observations,reservations,speculations on THE GODS ? It pretty well covers it, as my mind has deduced over the past 61 yrs. There have been tens of thousands of time periods here on “Earth” wherin the other space beings have come here to juggle/jiggle the beings to the point we humans have become. There is definite structures and observations that prove the existence of off world or out of this dimension beings whom pour their manipulations into our existence. We have identified them as GODS. To us, maybe so, but the final message I identify as best for my personal belief is the Jesus the Episcopal Church schooled me on. There is no mystery, there is no scarey-scarey. The last two times I was NDE’d, I learned it as fact remembered what he taught , as he taught it, is correct.Be nice, be good, take care of kitties, and wonder no more why I cut off my buddy JR-He marriwed a shewitch. Unfortunately, we were unable to give her peace, as she willingly does evil to others. My Christ taught me different. If the evil is a life threat to you and yours, give them an escape path. If they turn to destroy you or yours instead, kill them.

8. cheryl - July 10, 2015

Will you email at cher4real@netzero I would like a poster of your flat earth picture

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