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Here are some blog posts I especially enjoyed writing.

The 1942 Genesee Hotel Suicide — I recently stumbled across an amazing, highly detailed photograph of a woman who jumped from a great height to her death, a split-second before the gruesome splat. I show here the best copy of the photo I was able to find on the Internet, plus what I managed to find out about how it was taken.

All These Earthquakes Are No Joke — It’s not your imagination: The number of “great” earthquakes (over magnitude 6.0) has skyrocketed in the last few years. It’s NOT biblical “prophesy,” but I still find it scary as hell.

Miscellaneous Amusement

Jesus Has a Message for Fundamentalists — and it’s not an approving one.

Boys Who Grew Up To Be President — Here are as many photos as I’ve been able to find of presidents when they were boys or teenagers, from Obama all the way back to an 1870s photo of Warren G. Harding as a child. Nixon was a little cutie-pie when he was 5 years old!

Jack Paar’s Water Closet Joke — On February 10, 1960, Jack Paar, the then-host of “The Tonight Show,” told a four-minute joke based on an innocent mix-up involving the initials W.C. The NBC censors decided it was dirty and cut it from the broadcast without bothering to consult or even notify Paar. Here’s the joke.

Funny Old Print Ads — “They’re Happy Because They Eat Lard!”, and ads urging that babies be given cola to drink and that tapeworms are great for weight loss are three of my personal favorites. . . .

More Funny Old Print Ads — I’ll bet it never occurred to you that beer, cocaine, and television are all good for the health of babies and children. . . .

Santa Claus Meets the TSA — My visualization of what might happen.

The TARDIS Visits My House — I was having “fun with PhotoShop” one day, even though the program I prefer is Paint Shop Pro.

Take Me to Your LeaderTwo aliens landed in the Arizona desert near a gas station that was closed for the night. They approached one of the gas pumps and the younger alien addressed it saying, “Greetings, Earthling. We come in peace. Take us to your leader.”

The Ultimate Drawbridge — Okay, this one isn’t Great Thoughts from me, it’s just a Russian prank that makes me smile every time.

Modern Politics

Jeb Bush for President in 2012? — This post was prompted by an illustration in the St. Petersburg Times that showed the famous red-and-blue “HOPE” drawing of Barack Obama as a “HOPE” drawing of (I gag!) Jeb Bush.

A Dictionary of Tea Party Terminology — For example, “Condescending know-it-all: Someone who has taken and pass an eighth-grade civics class.”

60 Years of Teaching Math — This joke takes an old conservative attack on those dreaded tree-hugging liberals and updates it to reflect the reality of how public education has degenerated under Reaganomics. In January 2011, Gov. “Rick Scott” Voldemort of Florida announced that he planned to address a $3.6 billion deficit with a $2.4 billion tax cut for wealthy individuals and businesses (plus gutting public education, public health, services for children and seniors, and environmental protection), and not one Republican noticed that 3.6 + 2.4 does NOT = zero.

Stephen Colbert Mocks GOP Self-Righteous Hypocrisy — Late in 2010 conservatives, led by John Boehner and Eric Cantor, created a straw dog of supposed anti-Christianity and not only blasted it but threatened to defund the Smithsonian Institution if their straw dog weren’t dealt with respectfully. This post details the “controversy” and provides Stephen Colbert’s Ultimate (and hilarious) Answer to it.

An Open Letter to Tea Party Protesters — You “tea bigots” had no problem with Greedy Oil Plutocrats running up seven TRILLION dollars of new debt, but now that a Democrat is in charge, you want “your” 1957 back, when women and blacks were invisible and self-satisfaction defined the ruling elite (“Father Knows Best”!).

Ten Times the Bushwah — It drives me nuts that the Greedy Oil Plutocrats had no trouble with Dubya adding seven TRILLION dollars to the national debt, but now that they’re out of power, no one is allowed to try to do anything to fix the problems Replutocrats created without shrieks about the deficit and how Obama is somehow the one who is spending like a drunken Texan frat boy. This post shows you the truth: Republican presidents double or triple the national debt; Democratic presidents balance the budget and reduce the national debt.

Fear & Hate, or Religious Freedom? — Why do conservatives want to protect the religious freedom guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution by denying it to Muslims?


G’Kar’s Declaration of Principles — From Babylon Five, a beautiful declaration of what humanity can be at its best.

My Advice for Proselytizers — Tips for “Christians,” Scientologists, tea bigots, atheists, and others who want to change my mind.

Beware the Self-Description — When someone says “Trust me” or “I never read other people’s mail,” that’s a sure indication the opposite is true.

River Song and the Weeping Angels — A post for Doctor Who fans; my reaction to episodes 3 and 4 of Season 5.

The Mythology of Lost — A post for Lost fans; my view that myths are meant to explain life, while Lost meant only to confuse. (If Mother was good, why did she murder the true mother of Jacob and Smoky?)

My Best Tips for Living — Always have a spare roll of toilet paper nearby. Proofread backwards. You wouldn’t worry so much about what people are thinking about you if you realized how seldom they do.

Paint Yourself Into a Corner TV — Some TV shows, like Gunsmoke or Cheers, are open-ended; but some, like Rookie Blue, carry the seeds of their own destruction.

Three Cheers for Verisimilitude — Why I just can’t watch shows like “Fringe,” that just push the limits of believability too far.

Wherein I Meet The Tingler — Late last summer I smashed my left wrist to smithereens, to the point where the surgeon said my radius bone looked “like dental floss.” The x-rays of the titanium bar the surgeon implanted make it look just like a miniature version of the Vincent Price horror monster!

Memories of 9/11 — what I was doing, that fateful day, and what I think about every year now.

A Plea for Civility — “Daddy, what’s a blind c*cks*cker?”

Progress Marches On — Here’s a 1956 photograph of something that today is about the size and shape of a postage stamp. . . .


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